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Animal House

Morning is breaking with death on the street
Driving downtown in a red corvette
The daemons and satans are creeping around
LA nights are madhouse nights
The murderers – are heroes
They're speeding all over the town
And justice – is drunken
I'm tumbling upside down
I'm a madman
Living in an animal house
I'm a madman
Living in an animal house
Living in an animal house
Rockers in concert are serving the bible
Praying in public is getting a habit
For selling out everything seems to be right, oh yeah
The sunset is crowded with tramps passing out
They're sleeping – in trash cans
There's witchcraft in everyone's eyes
Satans and daemons
All dressed up in suits and ties
I'm a madman
Living in an animal house
I'm a madman
Living in an animal house
Madman – going crazy – living in an animal house
I'm a madman...
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